Chrysaderm® - Rejuvenating Skin Cream

As a physiologic phenomenon, skin aging cannot be avoided but general measures may delay or soften it. Chrysaderm® is a cosmeceutical product that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, protecting against harsh external factors and making your skin more natural and beautiful. Many factors make the daily use of both Chrysaderm® Day and Chrysaderm® Night vital to skin rejuvenation.

Chrysaderm® Day is very effective at increasing skin tone, reducing the appearance of deep and medium depth wrinkles, fighting the harmful effects of free radicals, decreasing the skin aging process and increasing skin hydration throughout the day.

Chrysaderm® Night reduces the appearance of existing facial wrinkles, stimulates collagen and fibroblasts, increases skin resistance to the environment and protects against skin irritation due to free radicals, pollution and other exogenous factors. This product also increases skin hydration.

Chrysaderm® is exclusively available through Mableton Pharmacy and other PCCA-member pharmacies. To order, please call our pharmacy at 770-948-3133.

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