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Rent or buy durable medical equipment near Atlanta, GA

Our experienced pharmacists and medical care professionals of Mableton Pharmacy seek to provide the most comfortable living conditions for our patients. Sometimes this comes in the form of custom compounded medications, and sometimes this comfort comes in the form of durable, custom fitted medical equipment and orthotic braces.

We provide a wide variety of medical equipment and orthotic braces, including:

  • Wheelchair Rental & Sales
  • Crutch Rental & Sales
  • Walker Rental & Sales
  • Ankle Splints & Braces
  • Arthritis Supports
  • Back Supports
  • Diabetic Shoes & Footwear
  • Elbow Supports
  • Compression Hosiery & Socks
  • Hernia Supports
  • Knee Braces with Adjustable Hinges
  • Pediatric Supports
  • Seating & Wheelchair Cushioning
  • Thumb & Hand Splints
  • Wrist Supports & Braces
  • Bath Benches
  • Grab Bars
  • Elevated Toilet Seats
  • Bedside Commodes

All medical equipment we sell and rent is made of superior quality and materials, by name brand companies. We proudly carry brands like Carex, Drive, Golden Technologies and Nova Home Health Equipment; Activa and Jobst Compression Hosiery; and Bell-Horn, MediActive, Mediven, Mueller and Scott Orthopedic Supports.

To learn more about our Home Health Products and discuss which product is right for you, please call and talk with our Home Health Care Specialist today at 770-948-3133

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